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The Story Continues-sermon text version

Wow, can you believe it? It’s the last of our sermon

Setting the Record Straight-sermon text version

Misunderstanding might be our national pastime. We misunderstand each other, our

Shipwrecked!-sermon text version

We’re nearly finished with the Book of Acts of the Holy

Looking Back-sermon text version

This is the season of Thanksgiving—a natural time for reflecting and

Greater Good From Lesser Evils-sermon text version

Today’s message comes with an important re-working in light of situations

The Hardest Journey-sermon text version

Imagine the excitement in a football game when it’s the last

All Rise! –sermon text version

Step into any courtroom in the United States and you will

The Overcurrent–sermon text version

Today’s message is about how God’s sovereignty can change your life,

Can I Get a Witness?–sermon text version

Can I get a witness? If there’s one big lesson from

Paul the Roman Citizen-sermon text version

History is in the process of being rewritten all over our