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Palm Sunday Message 2015-audio version

The message “Palm Sunday, Party-Hopping, and the Real Work of God”

Joseph: A Type of Christ-message 3.15.2015

The story of Joseph told by Stephen (the 1st martyr of

Stephen’s Defense–message 03.08.2015

In Part 1 of Stephen’s Defense (Acts 6:13-7:8), Stephen begins addressing

What About Stephen?-message 03.01.2015

The audio link to the message “What About Stephen?” on Acts

Coping with Divisions in the Church-message 02.22.2015

Coping with Divisions in the Church (a message on Acts 6:1-7)

Gamaliel’s Advice-message 02.15.2015

Gamaliel’s Advice was basically to Keep Calm and Learn from History. 

What Will People Think-audio version

What Will People Think? is a sermon on Acts 5:25-26 by

Jailbreak-message 1.18.2015

This sermon entitled Jailbreak (based on Acts 5:17-24) was first preached on

Pure Church. Powerful Church. Growing Church- message 1.11.2015

This sermon entitled Pure Church. Powerful Church. Growing Church (based on Acts 5:12-16) was

The New Year Holiness Challenge–message 1.4.2015

This sermon entitled “The New Year Holiness Challenge” (based on Acts