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The Story Continues-message 12.13.2015

The Gospel Story Continues with you and me, even after the

Setting the Record Straight-message 12.06.2015

In Acts 28:1-10, Paul displays the spiritual value of practical ministry

Shipwrecked!-message 11.29.2015

Our narrator Luke tells us of the shipwreck as the Apostle

Looking Back-message 11.22.2015

Thanksgiving is a natural time for reflecting and remembering with gratitude

Greater Good From Lesser Evils-message 11.15.2015

In a perfect world, there are perfect choices.  But how many

The Hardest Journey-message 11.08.2015

The hardest journey is a 12-inch distance from a head of

All Rise!–message 11.01.2015

The Apostle Paul stands before Governor Felix with a clear conscience.

The Overcurrent–message 10.25.2015

There’s an overcurrent above the heavens known only to God and it

Can I Get a Witness?-message 10.18.2015

“Can I get a witness?”  In Acts 23, Paul would have

Paul the Roman Citizen-message 10.11.2015

Has America been doing through complacency & legislation, what ISIS has been