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Greater Good From Lesser Evils-sermon text version

Today’s message comes with an important re-working in light of situations

Greater Good From Lesser Evils-message 11.15.2015

In a perfect world, there are perfect choices.  But how many

The Hardest Journey-sermon text version

Imagine the excitement in a football game when it’s the last

The Hardest Journey-message 11.08.2015

The hardest journey is a 12-inch distance from a head of

All Rise! –sermon text version

Step into any courtroom in the United States and you will

All Rise!–message 11.01.2015

The Apostle Paul stands before Governor Felix with a clear conscience.

The Overcurrent–sermon text version

Today’s message is about how God’s sovereignty can change your life,

The Overcurrent–message 10.25.2015

There’s an overcurrent above the heavens known only to God and it