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What’s in a Name?-message 05.24.2015

Antioch and the First Church – What’s in a Name? (This

Game Changer-sermon text version

What do all these things have in common?  the Boston Massacre

Game Changer-message 5.17.2015

God wants all of us to know—no matter what day or

Acts of Service Testify to Love-sermon text version

Well, today it is Mother’s Day and I would like to

Acts of Service Testify to Love-message 05.10.2015

This Mother’s Day message “Acts of Service Testify to Love” on

The Conversion of Saul–sermon text version

Ray Kinsela is the Iowa farmer in the movie Field of

The Conversion of Saul–message 4.26.2015

The Conversion of Saul is not only a good story, it’s