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What Will People Think-audio version

What Will People Think? is a sermon on Acts 5:25-26 by

What Will People Think-sermon text version

What Will People Think? 25 But someone came and reported to them,

Jailbreak-sermon text version

Have you ever wondered why sometimes God does a miraculous deliverance

Jailbreak-message 1.18.2015

This sermon entitled Jailbreak (based on Acts 5:17-24) was first preached on

Pure Church. Powerful Church. Growing Church-sermon text version

I like patterns.  Maybe it’s that some of us never outgrow

Pure Church. Powerful Church. Growing Church- message 1.11.2015

This sermon entitled Pure Church. Powerful Church. Growing Church (based on Acts 5:12-16) was

The New Year Holiness Challenge-sermon text version

There’s nothing like a New Year.  All kinds of hopes and

The New Year Holiness Challenge–message 1.4.2015

This sermon entitled “The New Year Holiness Challenge” (based on Acts

Share and Share Alike–sermon text version

I suppose most of my recurring nightmares are school-related: Skipping Class

Share and Share Alike-Message 12.28.2014

This message entitled Share and Share Alike–on the beauty of charity in